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Recruiting a group of consultants for one of the world’s best management consulting firms

Mapped was asked to recruit multiple junior consultants simultaneously in a short span of time. The client wanted extremely bright, talented individuals who could contribute to their team's excellence, provide innovative solutions to complex business challenges, and uphold their firm's commitment to excellence. The client was looking for a blend of analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills and have the potential to excel in a fast-paced and intellectually stimulating environment.

Clients Challenges:

Top Talent from Prestigious Universities: The client sought consultants from prestigious universities like NTU, NUS, and SMU. Recruiting from these institutions required a highly competitive strategy to attract the best and brightest.

Fixed Duration Contracts: The consultants were required for fixed-duration contracts, making it crucial to find candidates willing to commit to this specific employment structure.

Screening for Communication Skills: In addition to analytical and problem-solving abilities, the client emphasized the importance of excellent communication skills in their consultants. Each candidate's potential to excel in this area needed thorough evaluation.

Managing a Large Pool of Candidates: The high demand for positions resulted in a large pool of profiles, making it challenging to efficiently screen, assess, and manage each candidate's progress.

Effective Pipeline Building: Given the competitive nature of recruiting top talent, it was essential to develop an effective pipeline strategy that would identify and nurture the select few from a vast list of applicants.

Offer Management and Closure: Many candidates had multiple offers on hand, requiring careful offer management and closure to secure the chosen consultants.

Mapped's Approach:

University Partnerships: Mapped leveraged strong partnerships with NTU, NUS, and SMU to access their talent pools, ensuring that we reached out to top-tier candidates.

Targeted Outreach: Mapped employed targeted outreach strategies, using platforms, career fairs, and university networks to reach prospective candidates interested in fixed-duration contracts.

Communication Skills Evaluation: The agency implemented robust interview and assessment processes to evaluate each candidate's communication skills, ensuring they met the client's criteria.

Efficient Candidate Management: Mapped employed cutting-edge applicant tracking systems and organizational tools to efficiently manage a large volume of profiles.

Strategic Pipeline Building: A multi-stage screening process was designed to identify the most promising candidates early in the recruitment process, allowing for focused pipeline development.

Offer Management Expertise: Mapped worked closely with the client to craft compelling offers and navigate negotiations effectively,

ensuring successful closures even in cases of multiple offers.


Mapped successfully recruited a group of junior consultants who exceeded the client's expectations:

  • Top talent from NTU, NUS, and SMU was secured, providing the client with a pool of high-potential candidates.
  • Fixed-duration contracts were offered and accepted by candidates who recognized the unique growth opportunities with the consulting firm.
  • Effective screening processes identified candidates with excellent communication skills, ensuring they could excel in the fast-paced consulting environment.
  • A large pool of candidates was efficiently managed, and a select few were carefully nurtured through the pipeline.
  • Offers were managed and closed successfully, allowing the consulting firm to secure top talent despite competition from multiple offers.


Mapped's strategic approach to recruiting junior consultants for the prestigious management consulting firm addressed the multifaceted challenges of identifying, assessing, and securing top-notch talent. This case study highlights how Mapped's tailored strategies and efficient processes enabled the client to access bright and talented individuals who could contribute to the firm's excellence and uphold its commitment to delivering innovative solutions to complex business challenges.

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