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Recruiting a Senior Office Manager for a leading VC Law firm

Mapped was asked to recruit a Senior Office Manager for a prominent Law firm which was setting up its new office in Singapore. The role involved mapping the entire legal market of South East Asia to prepare a long list of the key talent in the region.

Clients Challenges:

Extensive Market Mapping: The client required an exhaustive mapping of the entire legal market in Southeast Asia. This encompassed identifying potential candidates at all levels of seniority and across various specializations within the legal field.

Diverse Skill Assessment: Beyond traditional office management skills, the Senior Office Manager needed exposure to specific areas, such as setting up new offices, vendor governance, and business continuity planning, which are not typically part of an office manager's repertoire.

Identifying Candidates with Niche Exposure: Finding candidates with experience in setting up new offices and a deep understanding of vendor governance and business continuity planning in the legal context posed a significant challenge, as these skills are relatively rare in the market.

Market Competitiveness: The client needed a talent list that would provide a competitive edge in a saturated legal market like Singapore.

Mapped's Approach:

Market Research: Mapped conducted extensive market research to identify key players and emerging talent within the legal market in Southeast Asia. This involved accessing industry databases, leveraging professional networks, and partnering with local legal associations.

In-Depth Skill Assessment: The agency employed a comprehensive assessment process to identify candidates with the specific skills required. This included evaluating their experience in setting up new offices, managing vendor relationships, and contributing to business continuity planning.

Niche Expertise Search: Mapped sought out candidates with niche expertise by reaching out to industry insiders and conducting targeted outreach to professionals who had demonstrated relevant experience.

Competitive Analysis: The talent list was compiled with a focus on ensuring that the candidates selected provided a competitive advantage to the client, taking into account their skills, experience, and potential contributions.


Mapped successfully mapped the legal market in Southeast Asia and prepared a talent list that exceeded the client's expectations:

  • The talent list covered a wide range of legal professionals at different levels, allowing the client to tap into a rich talent pool for future needs.
  • Candidates with the specific skills required, including exposure to setting up new offices, vendor governance, and business continuity planning, were identified and included in the list.
  • Niche expertise was discovered among candidates who possessed valuable experience in areas critical to the client's success.
  • The client gained a competitive edge in the market by having access to a comprehensive talent list that provided an excellent starting point for their expansion efforts in Singapore.


Mapped's strategic approach to mapping the legal market in Southeast Asia for the recruitment of a Senior Office Manager demonstrated its ability to overcome multifaceted challenges. This case study underscores how Mapped's tailored strategies and extensive industry research empowered the client to not only identify top talent but also gain valuable insights into the competitive legal landscape of Singapore as they ventured into new territory.

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