Recruiting a top tier Executive Assistant for a leading private equity firm

Mapped was asked to recruit a top-tier Executive Assistant for a prominent financial services private equity firm. The role involved providing high-level administrative support to their key global executives, managing complex schedules, and ensuring seamless operations in a fast-paced and confidential environment.

Clients Challenges:

Exclusive Talent Pool: The client sought candidates exclusively from select private equity firms known for their rigorous work environments and high standards. This limited the talent pool, making it challenging to identify suitable candidates.

Seniority Requirement: The Executive Assistant needed to have supported the top 2 or 3 executives in a previous organization. This seniority requirement added complexity to the search, as candidates needed extensive experience.

Exceptional Personality: The selected candidate would be the face of the executive team, necessitating an exceptional personality with the ability to represent the top leaders effectively.

Adaptability in a Complex Environment: Given the intricacies and fast-paced nature of the financial services private equity sector, the Executive Assistant needed an attitude that could manoeuvre seamlessly through complex work situations and handle sensitive information with discretion.

Mapped's Approach:

Targeted Outreach: Mapped conducted targeted outreach to the specific private equity firms identified by the client, leveraging industry networks and connections to access the desired talent pool.

Seniority Assessment: A rigorous assessment process was designed to evaluate candidates' seniority and experience in supporting top executives, including detailed reference checks.

Personality Assessment: Behavioural interviews and assessments were employed to gauge candidates' personalities and their ability to effectively represent the executive leadership team.

Cultural Fit: Cultural fit was assessed to ensure that the candidate's attitude and work style aligned with the client's complex work environment and confidentiality requirements.


Mapped successfully recruited a top-tier Executive Assistant who met and exceeded the client's expectations:

  • The selected candidate brought extensive experience from a renowned private equity firm, fulfilling the seniority requirement.
  • With an exceptional personality, the Executive Assistant became a trusted representative of the top leaders, handling interactions with grace and professionalism.
  • The candidate's attitude and adaptability allowed them to thrive in the complex and fast-paced work environment of the financial services private equity firm.


Mapped's strategic approach to recruiting a top-tier Executive Assistant for the leading financial services private equity firm overcame the unique challenges presented by the exclusive talent pool, seniority requirements, personality traits, and adaptability criteria. This case study underscores how Mapped's tailored recruitment strategies ensured the client secured a high-caliber candidate who seamlessly supported the executive leadership team and maneuvered effectively in a dynamic and demanding work environment

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