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Recruiting the Managing Director for a Swedish Consulting firm

Mapped was tasked to recruit a Managing Director (MD) for a global Swedish HR Consulting firm, which was expanding its operations to India. Given the strategic importance of this leadership position, they were looking for a recruitment partner with a demonstrated track record in identifying top-tier executive talent.

Client's Challenge

Attracting Top Talent and Generating Excitement: One of the primary challenges was attracting the industry's top talent to join the Swedish HR Consulting firm's new Indian venture. The MD role needed to be enticing enough to generate excitement among potential candidates.

Cultural Sensitivity for the Asia-Pacific Market: Given the diverse and culturally rich landscape of the Asia-Pacific region, the client required an MD who possessed a deep understanding of cultural sensitivities to effectively navigate and thrive in the local market.

Breadth of Exposure to Industries and Functions: The MD would be responsible for offering HR consulting services across various industries and functions, demanding a candidate with a broad spectrum of experience and expertise.

Establishing Excellent Relationships: Building strong relationships with clients, government bodies, and industry partners was vital for the MD's success in the Indian market. The client sought a candidate with a proven track record of cultivating and maintaining such relationships.

Mapped's Approach

Comprehensive Market Research: Mapped conducted extensive market research to identify individuals who had a reputation for excellence in the HR consulting industry in India. This research allowed the agency to pinpoint candidates with proven expertise and a history of innovation.

Engaging and Inspiring Messaging: To generate excitement around the MD role, Mapped created a compelling job description and an inspiring narrative highlighting the potential for the MD to shape the future of HR consulting in India. This messaging was crucial in attracting top talent.

Cultural Sensitivity Assessment: Mapped incorporated a cultural sensitivity assessment into the candidate evaluation process. This assessment included questions and scenarios that tested candidates' ability to adapt to and respect diverse cultural norms in the Asia-Pacific market.

Breadth of Experience Evaluation: The agency conducted in-depth interviews and reference checks to evaluate candidates' exposure to a wide range of industries and functions within HR consulting. Candidates were assessed for their adaptability and ability to deliver customized solutions.

Relationship Evaluation: Mapped scrutinized candidates' past relationships with clients, government bodies, and industry partners through thorough reference checks and discussions with previous employers or colleagues.


Mapped successfully identified a Managing Director who met and exceeded the client's expectations:

  • The chosen MD had a stellar reputation in the HR consulting industry, drawing excitement and interest from other top professionals in the field.
  • Cultural sensitivity assessments revealed the candidate's deep understanding of the Asia-Pacific market and their ability to navigate its intricacies.
  • The MD brought a wealth of experience across various industries and functions, showcasing their adaptability and readiness to take on diverse challenges.
  • The candidate's outstanding track record of relationship-building reassured the client that they could effectively engage with key stakeholders in the Indian market.


Mapped's strategic approach to recruiting a Managing Director for [Client's Company Name] addressed the unique challenges posed by this critical leadership role. The successful placement of an MD with a reputation for excellence, cultural sensitivity, broad industry exposure, and strong relationship-building skills has positioned the company for success in India's HR consulting landscape. This case study underscores how Mapped's tailored approach to executive recruitment ensured the client's specific requirements were met, resulting in a strong leadership addition to the organization.

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