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Recruiting the SVP for Customer Success for an entrepreneurial venture of multi-billion German medical device firm

Mapped was asked to recruit a Senior Vice President (SVP) for Customer Success for our entrepreneurial venture, a subsidiary of a multibillion-dollar German medical device firm. The venture was focused on delivering innovative medical solutions, and required a dynamic leader who could drive customer success, ensure product satisfaction, and foster strong client relationships. The ideal candidate needed to have a proven track record in customer success leadership, experience in the medical device industry, and the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive in a start-up environment.

Clients Challenges:

Holistic Business Responsibility: The client needed an SVP who could handle a wide-ranging set of responsibilities, from customer success to overall business management. This required a candidate with a versatile skill set and a strategic mindset.

Geographically Dispersed Team Management: As the venture expanded, the SVP would be tasked with building and managing teams across different geographical locations. Ensuring cohesion, collaboration, and effective leadership presented a notable challenge.

Collaboration with Technology Teams: The SVP was expected to collaborate closely with existing technology teams to drive the development of new medical products and solutions. Bridging the gap between business and technology demanded a candidate with cross-functional expertise.

Market Entry Strategy: Developing a comprehensive market entry strategy was crucial. The SVP needed to identify new customer relationships while leveraging existing ones to establish a firm foothold in the medical device market.

Stakeholder Management: Managing relationships with a variety of stakeholders, including internal teams, partners, investors, and regulatory bodies, was a critical aspect of the role. The SVP needed exceptional communication and negotiation skills to ensure alignment and support.

Mapped's Approach:

Strategic Candidate Search: Mapped conducted a thorough search for candidates who not only possessed a background in customer success and medical devices but also demonstrated strong business acumen and strategic thinking.

Cross-Functional Competence: The agency assessed candidates for their ability to collaborate with technology teams by evaluating their past experience in cross-functional roles.

Geographical Team Building: Mapped identified candidates who had experience in managing geographically dispersed teams or demonstrated potential to excel in this aspect.

Market Entry Expertise: Prospective candidates were evaluated for their knowledge of market entry strategies and their ability to build and nurture customer relationships.

Stakeholder Relationship Management: Mapped looked for candidates with a history of effective stakeholder management, ensuring they could navigate complex relationships and align diverse interests.


Mapped successfully placed an SVP for Customer Success who exceeded the client's expectations:

  • The selected SVP brought a unique blend of customer success leadership, cross-functional expertise, and business acumen to the venture.
  • Geographically dispersed teams were established and effectively managed, resulting in enhanced collaboration and productivity.
  • The SVP facilitated productive collaboration between the business and technology teams, driving the development of innovative medical solutions.
  • A robust market entry strategy was formulated and executed, leading to the establishment of new customer relationships and the leveraging of existing ones.
  • The SVP's exceptional stakeholder management skills ensured that all parties were aligned, contributing to the overall success of the venture.


Mapped's strategic approach to recruiting an SVP for Customer Success in an entrepreneurial venture of a multibillion-dollar German medical device firm addressed the multifaceted challenges posed by this leadership role. The successful placement of an SVP with a unique skill set, including customer success, cross-functional competence, and strategic thinking, has been instrumental in driving the venture's growth and success. This case study highlights how Mapped's tailored approach to executive recruitment ensured the client secured a top-tier candidate capable of managing diverse responsibilities and stakeholders in a dynamic and competitive industry.

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