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Recruiting the VP for HR for a Venture Capital firm

Mapped was asked to hire this role, as the client continued to expand their portfolio and team, and required a strategic HR leader who can shape their talent strategy, drive employee engagement, and foster a dynamic workplace culture aligned with their values and objectives. They wanted to candidate to possess a strong track record in HR leadership, experience in the financial services industry or related sectors, and the ability to contribute to their growth and success in South East Asia.

Client's Challenges:

Seniority with a Blend of Skills: The client sought a highly senior candidate capable of serving as a strategic partner to the firm's leadership. The VP needed to have a rare combination of expertise in HR organizational development, talent acquisition, and the ability to shape the firm's human capital strategy.

Venture Capital Expertise: Given the unique dynamics of the venture capital industry, the client needed an individual who understood the intricacies of startups, early-stage companies, and venture investments. This candidate would be responsible for providing guidance and leadership to founders and HR teams within the portfolio firms.

Leadership and Mentorship: In addition to traditional HR responsibilities, the VP was expected to play a leadership and mentorship role, nurturing talent and fostering a culture of innovation and growth across the portfolio companies.

Sophisticated HR Infrastructure: The client envisioned building a sophisticated HR infrastructure that could support not only the current portfolio but also future investments. The VP needed the capability to design and implement HR systems and practices that would scale as the firm continued to grow.

Mapped's Approach:

Thorough Industry Research: Mapped conducted extensive research within the venture capital space, identifying individuals with a proven track record in HR leadership roles within similar firms.

Candidate Evaluation: Each candidate was evaluated not only on their HR skills but also on their understanding of venture capital, startups, and early-stage companies. In-depth interviews probed their ability to provide leadership and mentorship to founders and HR teams.

Organizational Development Expertise: The agency sought candidates with specific experience in HR organizational development, as this was a key requirement outlined by the client.

Cultural Alignment: Cultural fit was a paramount consideration. Mapped ensured that candidates' values and leadership styles aligned with those of the client and the portfolio companies.


Mapped successfully placed a VP for HR who exceeded the client's expectations:

  • The selected VP brought a wealth of experience in HR organizational development, talent acquisition, and a deep understanding of the venture capital landscape.
  • With their venture capital expertise, the VP seamlessly integrated into the firm, providing valuable insights and mentorship to founders and HR teams across the portfolio.
  • The VP played a crucial role in building a sophisticated HR structure that supported the firm's existing portfolio while setting the stage for future investments.
  • Under the VP's leadership, the portfolio companies experienced enhanced talent strategies, improved employee engagement, and a stronger culture of growth and innovation.


Mapped's strategic approach to recruiting a VP for HR for [Client's Venture Capital Firm Name] addressed the unique challenges posed by this senior leadership role. The successful placement of a VP who possessed a rare combination of skills, including HR organizational development, venture capital expertise, and leadership capabilities, has been instrumental in driving the firm's success. This case study underscores how Mapped's tailored approach to executive recruitment ensured the client secured a top-tier candidate capable of navigating the complexities of the venture capital industry while building a sophisticated HR infrastructure.

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